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Governance structure of SARD-Net

Within the boundaries of SARD-Net there shall be organizational structure and local cells as the Board of Trustees shall deem useful for proper achievement of the aims and objectives of the Network.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM): This is the highest decision-making and policy setting organ of the Network. The AGM is held at least once a year. The quorum of the General Meeting shall be 2/3 of the members of the Network.

Board of Trustees: The members of the Board of Trustees are elected by the AGM. The Board of Trustees formulates policies of the Network; approve all decisions taken at the AGM; advise on all program/policies and strategic issues and decide on who to represent the Network at regional, continental or international level.

National Management Committee (NMC): The NMC is in-charge of the National running of the Network. The NMC shall be headed by a Chairperson. The NMC perform the following duties: Plan, convene, organize and manage the AGMs; report Network performance to AGM; Plan and direct the activities of the organization; supervise the National Secretariat; Monitor and Evaluate SARD-Net activities; lobby and advocate and implement AGM resolutions.

National Secretariat (NS): The NS provides administrative and coordination services of SARD-Net cells and target-community activities. It performs the following duties: administer SARD-Net activities; maintain and manage finance and accounting records; represent SARD-Net in meetings; provide adequate custody and management of all office resources and monitor and evaluate activities of the cells and provide timely feedback.

Network Cells: This is the basic unit of the Network. Membership of a cell may consist of full Network members and Associate Members. The maximum number of members in a Cell is 15. Cell members are drawn from such a geographical area that will allow for the sustainable management of the cell. Each cell is required to establish a structure headed by a chairperson deemed necessary for efficient governance, management and administration. Finally, cells need to keep the management committee informed of all their activities and submit a comprehensive written quarterly report.

Members: There shall be members in each cell who shall always convene and conduct regular meetings in the respective cells.

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