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Vision, Mission & Core Values


“….Rural Communities in Uganda where people live with dignity and in harmony with each other, their environment and God….”


To contribute to attainment of Sustainable Livelihoods of rural households, the development of their communities and their rural space through promotion of Sustainable Agriculture.


Our mission statement is to develop the capacities and capabilities of SARD-Net members and target rural communities in partnership with all people of good will so as to be effective and efficient agents in the promotion of sustainable agriculture in Uganda.

Objectives of the Network:

  1. Develop a common understanding among members of sustainable agriculture, rural development, development approaches, processes and strategies.
  2. Establish and run a network structure that is well-governed and managed.
  3. Capacity and capability build members and target communities.
  4. Document and share best sustainable development approaches, processes, strategies and technologies.
  5. Monitor and evaluate the work of members.
  6. Circulate relevant development information among members.
  7. Introduce and network members with the potential development partners.
  8. Promote sustainable agriculture among the general public, Government agencies and institutions and in the development community.
  9. Network with like-minded national and international agencies and to keep members informed of such networking.

Core Values:

  • Truth
  • Freedom
  • Justice
  • Forgiveness
  • Love